Third-Party Cookies are Ending: What Does This Mean for Nordic Companies and Their Websites?


Google recently announced it has extended its plan to deprecate third-party cookies from the Chrome browser to 2023. Although an extension has been put in place, other browsers like Safari and Firefox have already implemented some blocking against third-party tracking cookies, further emphasizing that it’s never too early to start your plan of action for when third-party cookies are totally removed. But the end of third-party cookies is NOT the end of cookie banners (also known as consent management platforms, or CMPs). 


It’s important to understand how the deprecation of third-party cookies could impact your website and its CMP. This way, you can make the necessary changes before third-party cookies phase out. 


Listen to this webinar recording to learn:  

  • What this means for Nordic companies
  • What you should be asking your digital marketers or agencies 
  • The regulatory landscape when it comes to cookies and consent
  • What strategies you should put in place now to prepare for the end of third-party cookies 


We’ll review the timeline for third-party cookie removal, what marketers and publishers need to know, and strategies to implement today to prepare for tomorrow.​ 



Emilia Larson, Lawyer with expertise in data privacy, Delphi

Tom Southern, Country Offering Manager & Lead Solution Engineer, OneTrust

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